Aaron Neville song lyrics for crying in the chapel

Lyrics for Crying In The Chapel 

 Aaron Neville
The Tattooed Heart
Released in 1995

You saw me crying in the chapel, 
Tears I shed were tears of joy, 
I know the meaning of contentment, 
I am happy with the lord 

Just a plain and simple chapel, 
Where all good people go to pray, 
I pray the lord that I'll grow stronger, 
As I live from day to day 

I've searched, and I've searched, but I couldn't find 
Nowhere on earth to find peace of mind, 
Now I'm happy in the chapel, 
Where people are of one heart, 
Yes we gather in the chapel, 
Just to sing and praise the lord 

You'll search and you'll search but you never find, 
Nowhere on earth to find peace of mind, 
Take your troubles to the chapel, 
Get down on your knees and pray, 
Then your burdens will be lightened, 
And you'll surely find the way.

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