Aaron Neville song lyrics for God me you for me

Lyrics for God Made You For Me 

 Aaron Neville
To Make Me Who I Am
Released in 1997

It must have taken a long long time to make a woman like you 
Ooh baby, cause you're so, so fine 
He took the stars from the sky, put the sparkle in your eye 
Baby, don't you know, you're my only desire

When I enter the room, I smell your perfume 
The taste of your lips is like the nectar from the gods 
And the sunlight on your hair, is just like spun gold 
After god made you, he broke the mold 

God made you for me, you're my dream come true 
I don't want another woman, all I need is you 
You're everything to me, and my lifes complete 
I'm gonna worship and adore you, I'm gonna bow to your feet 

To describe how your body feels when you're next to me 
Like rockin' and rollin' on a stormy, stormy sea 
You bring me up, oh and then you take me down, 
Then you take me to heaven and back down to the ground 

You're just like a rose, blooming in the spring 
You're everything a man could want 
Everything a man could need 
And at night I fall down, on my knees 
And thank god for sending an angel, just to love me 

God made you for me, you're my dream
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