Aaron Neville song Lyrics for Hercules

Lyrics for Hercules 

 Aaron Neville
Unreleased song

All you fear, is fear its self 
Check our your own back yard before you check out someone else 

Railroad track, in my neighbourhood 
Ain't no trains around that part just ain't no good 

Wanna know, what's going down, 
When the pimp on the corner looks like the sharpest cat in town 

Jungle rule, can't be no fool 
Might get caught by the hook of a crook no time for cool 

Look out jay, what you say, what you carrying brother 
I hope you're clean cause the man is mean, don't come another further 

We all know the answer, will come out in time 
I might even carry some of your load, right along with mine 

Thank you ma'am, mister please 
'cause I must be hercules 
I must be hercules 

Like a bird, on the wing 
I just wanna be free enough to do my thing 

I can feel the pressure, from every side 
If you not gonna help, don't hurt, just pass me by 

Oh, no 

I must be hercules 

Jungle rule, can't be no fool 
Devil is on the loose, no coo 
Got your feet, in the sand 
Got to be down with the cats that around and still got the face the man 

Talk about me if you please but I must be hercules 
I must be hercules 

Duckin' rocks, catchin' stones 
Movin' how can I survive what's going on 
Beg, steal and borrow 
Somehow I've got to make it to tomorrow 

Can't depend, on no-one else 
Comin' up the hard way I've got to save myself 

Must be hercules 
I must be hercules 
Talk about me if you please 
I must be hercules

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