Aaron Neville song lyrics Since You're Gone

Lyrics for Since You're Gone -

 Aaron Neville
Tell It Like It Is
Released in 1974

Since you're gone with your guy 
I feel as though I want to cry 
But a man ant supposed to shed a tear 
If only you were here (you've gone away baby), if only you were here (you've gone away baby) 

If only if you were here I'd lie for you, darling I'd die for you 
Please say you're coming home 

Since you've gone away 
Been working hard while you're at play 
Never thinking that you are untrue 
Didn't worry over you 

So long, this is goodbye 
I didn't want you to leave me, but I've got my pride 
There's one thing I want you to know 
Girl I love you so (you've gone away baby), girl I love you so (you've gone away baby) 
You've gone away (you've gone away baby) 
So long (you've gone away baby) 
Oh my darling, so long

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