Big Sean - Deserve It Song Lyrics

Deserve It LYRICS
Big Sean


[Bridge: Big Sean]
Now I be fuckin' with these bitches like they hypo-allergenic
Women are from Venus, caught in love playing Tennis
Some girls are the Lebron James of playing mind games
And switch their home team up every single time their mind change

[Verse 1]
Don't play no games with hoes, I play Nintendo DS, nigga
And pray I don't see the ends of my paper like P.S nigga
But damn in high school you had the fattest ass
And now we out of high school, you got a fatter ass

Swear I was just up on your Instagram a day or two ago
Seen your ass in deja vu, that shit was deja vu I know
Reminiscing on the one time we smashed in the back of the whip
And you gave me that head
I swear to God that was the best night of my life
I can't even sit here frontin', lie and pretend

Dancing with your titties out
I know at first it was a little bit embarrassing yeah
But 5 minutes later you on my lap
And we just kickin' it like we're the only ones here

You're telling me how you went down South for school
Down near TSU

But you know business majors
You can't even get a job when you're comin' right out of the school

Told her check the valley, seems like out there they be hiring
In L.A where all the girls that look like you are aspiring
A new scenery might just be inspiring
She said "Pshh, man everything ain't for everybody, shit I'm good"

Okay I came up how I came up
A little change but I ain't change up
A little fame but I ain't famous
A little danger now I'm dangerous

Gettin' high now I'm the supplier now
Laying low cause it won't fade us

Still living how I'm living cause nigga I need to
Still feel like I deserve it
How I feel like I deserve it
Still feel like I deserve it
How I feel like I deserve it


[Verse 2]
She drop it for me, pussy pop it for me, take it to the top
Spending extra time when she ain't got it, on me

Then she turned around said
"I'm so proud, seems like every where I'm hearin' ya
Seems like yesterday you freestyled in the cafeteria
Tell me how it happened? Know this ain't the place to ask"

When she said that shit I had a flashback, back to the past
Man '07, LAX, first time in the baggage claim
Don C picked me up off the curb, my bags in hand
Was nervous as shit, knew I was meeting up with Ye

And we riding through the hills swerve, swervin' and shit
Seeing the houses on the hills like I'm deserving this shit
Oh boy I'm worth it yeah it's time to put the work in this shit
Oh that was back before I had the G.O.O.D. imprint

Hit the studio with Kanye, that shit was intense
And he said "Boy you got it, boy you is a prophet"
Signed me, got a profit
Few years later yeah we on and poppin'

And I got a crib off in the same hills we used to drive in
Brr Brr, call uDon C he was the first to know about it
Almost went to TSU with Alesha then I dropped it
Fuck it, I guess everything ain't for everybody
Oh boy, swerve

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