Dej Loaf - We Winnin Song Lyrics

We Winnin' LYRICS
DeJ Loaf

Produced By: Izze The Producer 
Written By: DeJ Loaf 

Spill my name in the game
I know they want me to fail
Tell'em I'm lit, tell'em I ain't going nowhere

Know you ain't light it up, put your lighters in the air
We winnin', we winnin' keep that hater shit over there
Yo, yo, keep that hater shit over there yo
Keep that hater shit over there yo
Keep that hater shit over there yo
I said we winnin', I said we winnin'

[Verse 1]
These niggas in it for the fame
I'm really in this shit for life
And I don't change chase my life
I wasn't in it for this life
I been grindin', hella flights
In the studio late nights
I had to get it, run it up
All these darts, these stripes
Me, my brothers, use to argue
Disagree and we fight
We got over, they understand

I wanna see'em do right new right
On a run, got caught
Now them boys doing life
Hunnid years, three strikes these stripes
New morning, good morning
Out of mind, out of sight
I wake up, say my prayers
Hunnid thirty last night
I hate twenties, I hate lies
I hate no pussy niggas got me tight
Shoulda never fucked with you niggas
It's cool, I'm finna go up on you niggas


[Verse 2]
Winnin', we winnin', we winnin'
These niggas is hatin' we winnin'
Yo, I'm a Christian still sinnin'
I hope God please forgive me
Every day is like Christmas
Every day is like Christmas
Every night I get busy
Every night I get busy
My mommas my weakness
My mom is my witness
Got a lot on my mind
From now on, it's fuck niggas
I've been going hard, I got my cash up
I done got my bag and my sack up
Niggas ball, but we talkin' all this cash though
Don't make my niggas bring all that mass out


We gon' bring the cash out
Who gon' get the last shot
I finna go out, blast off
Tell them niggas get they cash out

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