Fetty Wap - No Days off Song Lyrics

No Days Off LYRICS
Fetty Wap

Ft: Monty 
Produced By: Nate Rhoads 

[Intro: Fetty Wap]
Remy Boyz, Fetty Cash, Montana, squad
Ay, yeaaaah 1738, ay
Going hard, no dayz off, yeah, ay
Grinding hard for that payoff, yeah, yeaaaaaah
Going hard, no dayz off, yeah
Put in work for that check

Grinding hard for that payoff yeah, 17, 17, ay

[Hook: Fetty Wap]
Going hard, no dayz off, yeah
Put in work for that check

Remy Boyz what I rep, Remy Boyz
Grinding hard for that payoff, yeah
1738, 17, 17, 17

[Verse 1: Fetty Wap]
Remy Boyz my gang though, Fetty Cash my name ho
Foreigns switch lanes though, watch what you say though
All about my bankrolls, I chose them pesos
Spot them in plain clothes, trapped out the bando
Revolvers don’t jam though, rubber grip on that handle
Wax you, no candle, Spanish bitch in her sandals
Yeah, I ain’t tryna wife you
Baby girl I got a plan, you be my boo thang, yeah, ay
I be in the kitchen whipping two thangs, yeah
Look, I’m karate kicking like I’m Liu Kang, yeah
Look, every time she see me make her mood change, yeah
Look, she wanna get freaky, wanna do thangs, yeah
Ay, creep up in her window like I’m Bruce Wayne, yeah
Your body like a foreign ride, you curvy, yeah
This ain’t the A, I’m tryna get dirty, yeah
Like Master P, I’m ‘bout it, I’m ‘bout it, yeah
Come hop on and ride like you


[Verse 2: Montana Bucks]
1738my whole team on the way
We have dreams of this day
, now the streets going cray
I don’t know why they hate, we got no time to waste
Niggas know I don’t play, have some hoes on delay
They be head over heels, give me head in the wheels
I got bread, I got bills and your legs I could feel
In the back of the ride, from the back or the side
In the trap counting racks, throw it back if you like, baby
Uh, me and my niggas tryna make it, baby
I’m just tryna see if you can take it, baby
I’ma throw this money while you shake it, baby
And you can get it now, ain’t no waiting, baby
Smoking loud, no haze, Remy Boyz the name
Going hard, no dayz, going hard no dayz
I said smoking loud, no haze, Remy Boyz the name
Going hard, no dayz, going hard no dayz

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