Fetty Wap - Rewind Song Lyrics

Fetty Wap

Ft: Monty 

[Intro: Fetty Wap]
Remy Boooyz, yeaaah
1738, squad
Montana, Fetty Cash
Remy Boyz, haha, yeah

[Hook: Fetty Wap]
When you’re with him, I swear I’m always on your mind
I had to stop you girl cause you were so damn fine
I know you’re with him now but soon you will be mine
If I could bring it back, I’ll probably press rewind
Rewind, rewind, rewind, rewind
Rewind, rewind baby, rewind, rewind, yeaaaah

I know you’re with him now but soon you will be mine
If I could bring it back, I’ll probably press rewind

[Verse 1: Fetty Wap]
Hit the trap with a whole key
Blowing dope by the OZ
Behind tints moving lowkey
I think that you should know me
Yeah, I heard that you taken
I think that I can change it

The look on your face
And probably think I’m playing
Look how you love to hate him

Like your smile and your hairdo
Chop it up over here boo
Take the top off the convertible and show off your hairdo
The one I attend to, the one I am into
If I pull out the beamer, I’ma cop you the Benz coooupe, baby
Cause we be all night, baby
Don’t turn off them lights, baby
I wanna see you fight, baby
I’ma make you mine, baby
Do that thing I like, baby
Eating you with ice, baby
Montana, Fetty Cash and Dice, baby, yeaaaaah


[Verse 2: Montana Bucks]
I said love and loyalty, what do you call that?
We used to play fight, smoke weed and fall back
Even late night, whole freaks’ll call back
If I had a chance, I’d bring it all back
You could be Gina and I will be Martin
And you can be Gabrielle and I’ll be Dwayne Wade

I know you very well and we want the same thing
But, life ain’t a fairytale; my niggas gangbang
Just to be honest, I think she in college
If life was a VCR, I would rewind it
Take off your Vicky bra and let me inside it
I might get excited if I get invited
But, baby don’t fight it
Cause this is celebration every time we united
Just show me how you feel
Cause you ain’t gotta hide it
And you can take the wheel
If you know how to ride it, if you know how to ride itttt

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