Kanye West - Doing Fine Song Lyrics

Doing Fine LYRICS
Kanye West

[Verse 1]
Spit it to ya say little West's a little beast
To make the middle west blow like the middle east

Peace, couldn't afford the S-Class
So I had to cop the baby mama Benz

With put 50 I get this on the first tape
But that 50 break the bank
Back when my ATM was crazy slim
Had a girl nicknamed Sprewell
Cause when I try to stop she still made me spin

Back when 80's was in
My dog Crazy Ken had 80 of them
It's time to hit the dancefloor ya CRAZY again
Ta get that cash money like Baby and Slim
Pull up in somethin tinted
So tinted she squinted
She said "This car is real old!" I told her her it was vintage

And I need to hit the HEALTH CLUB
And get a girl that's
Into the fitness tryna get into the business

I'mma make her my apprentice
Make her open wide like she made me her dentist
And let me get inside

Now I been hustlin' my whole life (Ohh)
Tryna get this money up (Ohh)
And I think I finally got it right

And I been partyin with this one girl
Who claim "I gotta go to work tomorrow, but tonight's the night
So pour another glass of that good stuff
A couple more shots and I'll be
Doing Fine"

[Verse 2]
Spit it to ya say little West to little beast
To make the middle west blow like the middle east
What I gotta win 5 Grammys before you finally let me play Alicia's

If I can't bone then I'll get a clone
Get her there got her there grab her hair she bobbin don't stop her there
Told me she love the Roc so much she drove all the way to Far Rockaway
For Roc-a-wear

More popular, cause I abracadabra my Nissan
To a car throwin' a peace sign

Damn thats like the same line I used in the first verse

Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wait it gets worse
I told her S-U-C-K
Before we F-U-C-K
I give a F-U-C-K if your nephew see K
And if CL like UCK, thats how you know chickens C-L-U-C-K
I'm tryna find a crazy female with a cutie face
A big Pimpa on the DL like UGK
And then I told her

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