Kanye West - Electric Relaxation 2003 Song Lyrics

Electric Relaxation 2003 LYRICS
Kanye West

Ft: Consequence 

Relax yourself or we'll back ya down
Relax yourself or we'll back ya down
Relax yourself or we'll back ya down
Relax yourself or we'll back ya down
Relax yourself or we'll back ya down
All day long man, we back ya down

Homie check it out I got her mesmerized
So when a hooker choose Cons, she tellin you "Bye"
Street poetry is how ya boy get paid
And I wear no Escalade, metallic, black or beige
Yo when I walk up in the club you know I do not pay
Aiiyo my man Kanyeezy he got something to say

[Kanye West]
Aiiyo my name is Kanyeezy from the Roc-A fam
And where the Glocks don't jam, so where we pop them scrams
See I showed you on "The Champions" how we get down
So don't twist ya lips, I'm like Bobby Brown
You got B2K on all your bedroom wall
But if you be with Kan, gonna work ya walls
Straight from the South Side of them Chi-Town streets
The top three in the game, with these here beats

And if you talk about him, ayo I take you out
Either with the nine or the tech's in his mouth
And let that dime gettin' friendly than the orgie's at eight
But y'all niggas don't shine so you couldn't relate


Quence without the game, now he's back to ball
Drive you insane, drop a tat at the mall
You starin at my rose gold way too long
But I ain't scared of robbers, why I wear teflon
I took her on the ave and she expect me to trip
But I made up with no style while I bought me some kicks
So if you want the drama holler at ya boy

[Kanye West]
Original rude boy like Pastor Troy
The G-500 is my favorite toy
Cause he don't look like a thug or a hood
But he keep them gorilla's so we still be good

By the way my name is K, don't forget the A
And the N-Y-E, out N.Y.C

I'mma still rep the 'Go, no matter where I go
Everybody say I'm hot, I'm sayin I'm cold
I Hate when niggas leave the city and switch up they reps
On the real homie, I don't get down like that
I'mma milk the game, 'til we all can eat

Now the Chocolate Factory is what I bump in my jeep
So roll me up a L, but don't lace it with leak
Cause that shit'll have me zonin for a couple of weeks

[Kanye West]
Now your momma told you let the cleavage show
Cause that's the best way to get a nigga with dough

They'll fake a pregnancy and call the attorney up
But she ain't know I'm cheaper than IKEA furniture

Kanye, White, Malik, Little and D
Menace, Skates to Lou and 'em Puffs from L.B
They know the Consequence be wearin gold and ice
Cause I got out the projects, where it's flooded with mice
Ey shorty let me tell you 'bout the rules of my night
It seems they always keep on movin, I don't hit nothin twice

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