Kanye West - Half Price Song Lyrics

Half Price LYRICS
Kanye West

[Intro: woman (Kanye West)]
(first of all, this song right here got...)
You say what is it that you want?
(...a long ass intro)
You got everything that a woman could ever need in life
(you got everything)
You got a closet full of minks, Chinchilla
(you got beats from Kanye)
I got a bureau full of diamonds
(what else ya need?)
I can change four times a day if I want to
You even tryin' to eat lobster and drink champagne
Now you know that ain't your roots
For you strictly a collard green and cornbread bit
Now you know if anybody know it I know
But since you feel like that this evening
Sit down (know what?) and drink some champagne with me

And let me rap to you

[Verse 1: Kanye West]
You'll never catch me in that baby momma Benz again
I'm pushin' a G5

All the girls sayin' that his hair look Indian
And ain't never seen him and MCM
Now I don't like fake boobies but I'd do it to Lil'
Kim (yes I would)

We gon' roll this weed
We gon' play like Sonny Bono and hit these trees soon as we get alone
I'm doin' these beats for pro bono soon as we get to bone
Now she like a lotta clothes, I like to see her out of 'em
She got a lot exposed, pump up the volume
Pump up the volume, dance, dance

Don't give Kanye a chance
Cuz I'm a Gemini with two sides and two rides
Y'all talkin' business, I'm peepin' her thighs
Look, I'm tryin' to hit that back end 'fore I get that back in
Called Trina and "Do she need that beat tracked again?"

[Hook: Kanye West]
Cuz I came back for you
To show you that I'm workin' with a little somethin'
And we get the session pumpin'
See I came back for you
Cuz any rap chick that look half nice
I'm givin' 'em half price

[Verse 2: Kanye West]
Back when Eve went with Steve before she had her weave
I was sendin' beat tapes like you wouldn't believe

Back when Foxy had a group with Nas and AZ
The way she looked on *Chyna Doll*, I woulda did them beats for free
Cause only recently I been gettin' a decent fee
The checks I got from D-Dot was t-teasin' me

I bought some earrings like Baby that may be fake
But at least it got girls callin' me 'Babycakes'

Now maybe Kay can get a ménage with Lazy K
And Lady May
, maybe hey
You're lookin' all thick and sweet
You need a nigga that can give you dick and beats
So go and get Angie and tell her


[Outro: Kanye]
Got a two for head sale
Send, send headshots first though
Will you beat tapes for who? Oh Trina?
Oh I'm be right there, I'm right there
I'll be the- I'll be in studio in five minutes
Yo yo, she said she want her ass look gushy wet
I told her all I need is my back end check
I told her to-
I ain't feelin' that verse
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