Rihanna Break It Off Song Lyrics

Break It Off


Featuring: Sean Paul

Produced By: Don Corleon

Album: A Girl Like Me


[Intro: Sean Paul]
Break It Off
Breakin it off
And settin it off in da real way
Makin da girls dem chill dey mind
Makin dem have a good time
Ya man
SPZ long side RiRi
Come down now Rihanna
Tek it to dem Tek it to dem girl

[Hook: Rihanna]
Break it off boy
Cause you've got me feelin naughty
I wanna know boy
If I could be ya shawty (most definitely)
Set if off boy
And make me hot all ova my body
(Break it off, take it off, miss take it off) (Break it off tonight) (Yo)
Break it off boy
Cause you've got me feelin naughty
I wanna know boy
If I could be ya shawty (yo, yo)
Set it Off boy (yeah, yeah)
Make me hot all ova my body
Break it off tonight (yo)

[Verse 1: Sean Paul]
Struggle and pain what she feel all the while
And she want a good man to give her the style
Wild child
So she dere pon me file
It's a long time now me wha plow the sile
Plow de sile meh car run run like the nile
And the most energy me whan give her tonight
Give her tonight
Gan make she feel right
Make she fly like a kite that reach a new height
Ah we give it to the gyal dem
Make dem reel up and bawl
And make dem start call
Anytime she want it back she ha fi call Dutty Paul
Admitting it on the spot I know the real Sean Paul
When the traits so great
Cuz she feelin top up and tall wat de ting say


[Verse 2: Sean Paul]
No doubt
Gyal u shoulda know SP and a scout
Naughty sweat so shout
Make ya bawl out (shout)
Make ya holla me gah give affection in your direction
We go all out
Gyal, just follow we if ya love energy
If ya wan' pedigree
Cruise like Penelope
Make a see you just bounce wit the Dutty Lee
We keep givin you de Q to de U to the A (yea) to de L to de I to de T to de Y
Girl I got to try (try)
Take ya booty make you reach to the S.K.Y
Woman I got to say (say)
Da way u move is makin me hype
Girl cause you know say you S to the E to the X to the Y (Pumba Pumba)


Boy (Uh huh!)
The way you push up on me I
Whan get da roughest wine I dun know ya like (ay, yo, ay)
Fuh sho we gonna break it off tonight (yoga machuga uh)
Ooh boy
We really shouldn't waste no time (sing it)
Come let me back up on ya dancehall style(bring it)
And I'm hopin baby you don't mind
Cuz I really wanna break it off tonight (instantaneous)