Rihanna If It's Lovin' That You Want Part 2 Song Lyrics

If It's Lovin' That You Want Part 2


Featuring: Corey Gunz

Produced By: TrackmastersSpanadorEvan Rogers 1 more

Album: A Girl Like Me


[Hook: Rihanna]
Now If it's lovin' that you want
You should make me your girl, your girl
If it's lovin' that you need
Baby come and share my world, share my world
If it's lovin' that you want
Then come and take a walk with me, walk with me
Cause, everything that you need, I got it right here baby, baby

[Verse 1: Rihanna]
Now it's obvious you need a friend to come hold you down
Be that one you share your everything when no one's around
Baby come tell me your secrets, and tell me all your dreams
Cause I can see you need someone to trust
You can trust in me

[Bridge: Rihanna]
Di di di di da da dey
So just call me whenever your lonely
Di di di di da da dey
I'll be your friend, I can be your homey


[Verse 2: Corey Gunz]
Hold up! lemme get this straight
Saying you’d be there to do whatever it takes
To make more brand new days of my life
My troubles would be over if I made you my wife
Right, right
I ain't saying I died
Lemme take a second and I think about it
What about it?
I couldn't deal with this chick
So I wouldn’t mind being here to here on the script

[Verse 3: Rihanna]
It's been so long I've had this feeling
That we could be
Everything you've ever wanted baby
Your fantasy
I won't push too hard or break your heart
Cause my love's sincere
I'm not like any other girl you know
So let me erase your fears



[Verse 4: Corey Gunz]
I could understand why you want me
My mom told me one day I could make a lady lucky
We came home together
You know how chick do try and make a head miss when you hit that thing true miss
Little lady you was right from the ghetto
I don’t know if I wanna handcuff you yet miss
Missta guns and that
I need a friend ma join me or wanna have sex



[Outro: Rihanna]
I want to let you know
That you don't have to go
Don't wonder no more
What I think about you
I got what you need so come share my world Oh