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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Rihanna Say It Song Lyrics

Say It


Produced By: Makeba Riddick & Neo Da Matrix

Album: Good Girl Gone Bad


You should tell me what's buggin you
And I'mma tell ya bout me
Make a wish and tell me your deepest thoughts
And I'mma make it easy
Make a wish tell me what's bugging you
And I'mma tell ya bout me
Make a wish and tell me your deepest thoughts
And I'mma make it easy

[Verse 1:]
Emotions running wild
I could feel it when I'm next to you
Something's on ya mind
You wanna stay but won't tell me
Its about ya secrecy
So what are you tryna hide?
I know what the look means
You hold my hand so tightly
Whenever we say goodbye
Standing by the door
I could tell you can't take no more
Blow your secret open wide

So maybe if you say it
Tell me what it is you like (like)
Baby baby don't be shy (shy)
Maybe you can spend the night (night)
If you say it
But if you playin (not wit it)
Cuz you know what I wanna hear (hear)
Say it, that'll make it more clear (clear)
I need to know how you feel
So baby why won't you (say it), say it (say it)

[Bridge 1]
Won't, won't you tell me
What, what's going on
Why, why you waitin' on it
What you waiting for?
Soon you should tell me or I might be gone
But I'm here for you baby
You should put me on

[Verse 2:]
I won't shoot you down
Make you feel some kinda way
If you'll be honest with me
Put away your pride
I can see it in your face
You want me permanently (uh)
Like how I wine when we dancing
I know how it happened
And I'm right there wit you
But I won't be the first to out myself out there
The feeling is mutual
But I bet if you


[Bridge 2:](2x)
Your eyes steady talking
And you're tryna fight it
But some things, baby, are not worth hiding
And we can find heaven
If we go look together
So won't, won't you tell me
And get it off your chest


[Bridge 2:](x2)


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