Usher How do I Say Songlyrics

How Do I Say


Album: 8701


[verse 1]
A foreign beauty so exotic
When she smiled at me
She took my breath away
She's reminiscent of a goddess
It's a shame that we could not communicate
How do I say

How do I say hello?
I just wanna talk to you
How do I say you're beautiful
When I can't take my eyes off you
I don't wanna say the wrong thing
I want just the right words to impress you
Mujer bonita, how do I say, how do I say?

[Verse 2]
How do I say?
The room was filled with a sweet aroma
When she danced her hips moved oh so sensuous
She speaks with her body, so united
In the language that I will never forget

I hear her calling
Spinning around in the crowd cause she found me
And when she started moving closer and closer
Does she know that i want her, I want her
I wanna be with her tonight
So I caressed her face, kissed her lips
In my life, I've never felt like this
I've never had a lost for words
One kiss from her has got me feindin'

[Hook (2X)]