Usher-If I Want to song lyrics

If I Want To


Produced By Bryan-Michael CoxJermaine Dupri & Babyface

Album: 8701


[Produced by Babyface, Jermaine Dupri, and Bryan-Michael Cox]

[Verse 1]
Every time I look up
I see it in your face
You wanna hook up with me
(You know you wanna hook up - stop playing)
Instead of acting like you supposed to
You cop an attitude like you're too good for me
And you know good and damn well that...

If I want to - I could take you from your man
Please belive me with my eyes closed
I could have you eating out the palm of my hand
And all your little girl friends to

(No you can't - you're a playa I don't want you)
Yes I can and I will if I - if I want to
If I - if I want to baby

[Verse 2]
Ain't nobody tryna clown you
But you're too damn old to play high school games with me
(You know that - too damn old)
Yes you do
Cause even when I'm not around you
I hear from my friends you be asking 'bout me
(What's up with him - that's what you be saying)

I don't really care
How long you've been together with your man?
It's just a matter of time
Before I make you mine
I wanna make it clear
So there's no misunderstandings
That I get what I want - when I want, yeah

[Chorus (2X)]

(Yeah, uh - oh)
That I get what I want - when I want
If I wanted to

(If I wanted to - I'd have you doing whatever I want you to)
(You know - right now I'm just not really doing that)
(But if I wanted to - anything)
(I'm saying - you and your girls, I could have them too)
Listen to me!