Moving Mountains


Produced By Tricky Stewart & The-Dream

Album: Here I Stand


It's like whatever I do
Just can't get through to you (Ooh)
I'm never gonna tell nothing wrong (Ooh)

[Verse 1]
Now, now she loved me
Shawty I loved her
Used to jump up in the Maybach and roll out
Used to care, she used to share

The love that she used to give me can't be found
I lost my way
She said she'd stay
And lately I've been sleeping with a ghost

My stock is down and out, I used to be worth my weight in gold
That was before a great depression kicked in and rocked us
And that was before the hurricane came in and stopped us

I told you to leave, but you lied to me
When you said that
Baby no worries I promise to get us back

I know sorries, just wouldn't do it
Her heart is obliterated
I'm trying to travel through
But it's like moving mountains...
It's like moving mountains... hey

But I keep climbing and hoping things would change
And the sky turns gray
And the water from the rain washes progress away
It's like moving mountains... (moving mountains)
It's like moving mountains... (moving mountains)

Why just leave me?
Just leave me be
Just leave me
Just leave me be
Why you just leave me
Just leave me be
Why you just leave me
Just leave me be, ooh, ooh
Be, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoaaa, whoa

[Verse 2]
She, she don't touch me
I don't touch her
We rarely even ever say a word

I really want to give her everything she deserves
But the bad took away the good
She thinks that I'm full of it

Always pissed
Man I'm tired

Every kiss that I miss
Girl you know I'm trying
You never believe when I say

And I never believe it when you say
I love you, and I shouldn't complain about it
I should take it like a man and walk up out it
Cause we will never be the same, ooh

I've been standing in gas and you have been the flame


This must be a slow death that I'm traveling on
It feels so wrong, I'm barely holdin' on...
See, no matter what it takes

I've gotta get it together, baby yeah
And these hills that I'm travelin' up
She ain't showing me love
I'm down on my love

Oh, I'm down


Baby, baby
Whoa, yeah