USHER TTP Songlyrics



Album: 8701


Oh, oh, oh, T-T-P
Oh, oh, oh, T-T-P

[Verse 1]
Somebody tell me
Why do people stay in situations that''ll never work
Thinkin' bout you wanna leave and
You can't wait to get even
When deep inside it really hurts
I never should have gotten in the mix
You never understand till you go through it
All the rights things you say
Wrong things to do
While you're out tryna pick and choose

[Hook (2X)]
You should be lookin' for a TTP
Now that I know the difference
That's all I'm tryna be with
Somebody that keeps it all in together now
I'm living better
Since I found my total package

[Verse 2]
I used to be young and dumb
And always wanted to run in the streets
Cause I thought that was where it was at
But it wasn't all it did was leave a brother in the cold
With nowhere to go
I caught myself slippin'
Thinkin' I was the lick, I was trippin'
Tried to jump dip to dip
I thought it was a way to be happy
Until somebody took time to tell me

[Hook (2X)]

[Verse 3]
So many people think
They got it - but they don't have a clue
You gotta have more than just a body
For me to be talkin' about you oh
Take it from me when playin' the game you're day will come
When you gotta stop and start lookin' for the world