Usher-U are the one Songlyrics

U Are The One


Album: 8701


[Intro (Voice)]
Oh no no no no no
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Oh yeah
C'mon C'mon

[Verse 1]
Check it
It was like 6 of us
3 in the Benz, 3 in the truck
On 85 going to the pub
10 minutes later is when we pulled up I
Parked the Benz, hit the alarm, glanced down at my rims
Tucked in my pant leg in the tongue of my Timbs
Hand in my shirt til we feel the gin
Proceeded to walk in just then I saw this
'nificent misses sippin' on a glass of Cris'
With a couple of her friends giggling
I knew

U are the one
I don't give a damn
Even if ya got a man take my hand girl
U are the one
Girl I know you'll understand
If you just give me a dance, take a chance girl

[Verse 2]
Said I know u got a few with you
Don't even trip I got my crew here too
Can ya grill what ya wanna do
I really wanna chill with you
Tell your friends they can hop in the truck, we'll take the Benz
But if we split up maybe we can hook up again
You never know I guess that all depends
If I can get you from the floor to the door of my 6-0-0
You all [?] and [?]
So finish that Mo', get your coat, tell your girls "come on let's go" cuz

[Hook (2X)]


[Hook (3X)]

[Outro (Voice)]
Oh no no
U got it, U got it
Yeah, uh, uh, uh