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Sunday, October 30, 2016

R. Kelly Spend That

Spend That

R. Kelly

Featuring Jeezy

Produced By DJ Mustard

Album Black Panties


[Hook: R Kelly]
Ain't nothin' to a boss, yeah I spend that
I ain't worried 'bout the cost, I spend that
Poppin' bottles in the club, yeah I spend that
I can buy the whole club, yeah I spend that
Throw that money, spend that dough (x4)

[Verse 1: R Kelly]
Roof off of that, coupe all black
Private jet, did the show, now I'm right back
Buy the mall out, yeah I wild out
Hundred bottles in the club, now I'm showin' out
Imma shine on 'em, I'mma grind on 'em
Take a shot, turn up, and go dumb on 'em
Imma let my ice show, that's the sun on 'em
Flash money at the haters, that's a gun on 'em
Got Picasso on the wall, I spend that
Tom Ford to the drawers, I spend that
Three bitches, one me
And they all on the dick, call it 3D

I bought a pound out in Paris, oohwee
Ain't inside of this world, E.T
Yeah Italian on the suit, I spend that
Y'all just gettin' rich, I been that
[Hook: R Kelly]

[Verse 2: Jeezy]
You know I fuck with them bitches that like to fuck with them bitches
I heard you fuck with them niggas that like to fuck with them snitches
What you got in your pockets, I see you holdin' them figures
I hope you don't blow it all cause that would just be ridiculous

Think I'm addicted to ballin', think I'm addicted to cash
If we leave here tonight, girl I murder that ass
Don't be all in my section if you ain't talkin' 'bout fuckin'
We ain't talkin' 'bout fuckin' then we ain't talkin' bout nothin'

See I came with my niggas, we came to fuck up a chick
This some real shit to give, you better show some respect
My two-door's exotic, I blow my money with style
I got some young niggas from my turf with me, they're wild
I got some bitches with ass, I got some bitches with class
Got a bitch right now, west side, hold the stash
If the windows are tinted, a quarter milli' a minute
Ain't leavin' shit in my pockets because I came here to spend it

[Hook: R Kelly]

[Verse 3: R Kelly]
This your birthday, girl, I'mma spend that
Cake, cake, cake, cake, get up in that
You set the bar so high they can't top that
Them other chicks ain't on your level, tell 'em "stop that"
Black panties on, girl drop that
Look back at me, like I own that
Best pussy in the club and she know that
I make it rain so much, you gotta mop that
Mo√ęt (bitty bottles), pop that (what?)
It's a celebration, girl, gon' toast that
(Throw that money, spend that dough)
(Make it twerk, on that pole)

[Hook: R Kelly]


R. Kelly Crazy Sex

Crazy Sex

R. Kelly

Album Black Panties


Yeah, tonight is gonna be crazy
Yeah, baby, if you don’t mind

[Verse 1]
Let’s get dumb, let’s get hyphy
Let’s get down, let’s get ugly
Let’s start sweating, let’s start tweaking
Screaming at the top of our lungs
Let’s get ignant, let’s get crazy
Let’s get rugged, let’s get blown
Let’s do it on a balcony, let everybody watch
We don’t care cause we in our zone
Go back in, get on the bed
Down on the floor, back up to the dresser
Calling me daddy, pulling your hair
Missing a track and don’t even care
Let’s go deeper, let’s go faster, let’s go harder
Let’s cum at the same damn time and then start over

Let’s have crazy sex
Are you with it, baby?
Crazy Sex
Are you with it, baby?
Crazy Sex, crazy Sex
Let’s have crazy sex
Are you with it, baby?
Crazy Sex
Are you with it, baby?
Crazy Sex, crazy Sex
Let’s get ratchet

[Verse 2]
Let’s get rough, let’s get naughty
Let’s get different, let’s get kinky
Switch positions, you on top
Oh, girl, it’s about to get freaky
Let’s get sexy, let’s go twelve play
Let’s get scary, let’s go thriller
Let’s act like we lost our motherfucking minds
Making crazy faces in the mirror
Let’s make it a party, we’ll take some shots
Smoke some weed and thug it out
Let’s start fussing, let’s start cussing
Let’s start fighting and then make out



There’s so many crazy ways we can do it, babe
Pick one, pick ten, it just don’t matter, babe
Just step up in my room, let me get creative, babe
I’m gonna think of something, baby
I’m gonna think of something, baby
And it’s gonna be crazy



R. Kelly Shut Up

Shut Up

R. Kelly

Album Black Panties


This song goes out...
To all the people out there that be runnin' their mouth
And don't know what the hell they sayin'...
Shut up

[Verse 1]
Now that I've got my voice back, let me start off by saying that
I appreciate the fans around the world that had my back
And I just wanna thank God upstairs for keepin' his hands on me
And for keeping all the doctors' focus during my surgery
Now, there's a couple of things I've gotta get off my chest
Some serious issues that I must address
Well lets just get right to it
People said that I was done
Said there was no way this time he's gonna overcome
And even before the doctors were done and I could awake
A tsunami of rumors had come to wipe my career away
After twenty two years of a blessed career
They had me lyin' in my hospital bed cryin' mad tears (woo hoo hoo)
But just as I had many people hatin' me, I had so many people lovin' me
And lets not forget the hood around the world coverin' me
But to everybody that be callin' me, tellin' me what they be sayin' about me
Bringin' me all of this negative shit, y'all the ones I ain't fuckin' with
It's time for me to evaluate the people that I let up in my space
Can I get a witness for all of this, people all up in your business
[Hook 2x]
Tell em, shut up
Tell em, shut up
Tell em, shut up
I'm talkin' to you

[Verse 2]
He's washed up, he's lost it, he ain't got it no more
Well I'm here to tell you today, boy you haters are so slow
And it saddens me to know some of y'all want me to go away
But when it's time for me to go, my God is gonna orchestrate
Until then, I will accept the stones and pray and just try and get along
But sometimes it's so hard for me to be strong
I got kids and I'm tryna love em
So many things I'm tryna juggle
But I never thought this music would become my struggle
The news said I lost my house
My own people put me down
And my friends no longer around no
But you see deep underneath the surface
Now it feels that something's working in my behalf, a victory is near
See my future ain't my past, it's not the end of the hourglass
Who said it would not last?
Fans, sick their ass


[Verse 3]
Now seriously after all these hits and melodies and memories
You compare me to someone else, O-M-G

No offense to the other artist, but come on dog, lets be honest
How many babies been made off me? O-M-G
Seriously, you're gon' act like that
Sit there like there ain't no truth to that
Lookin' at me like I'm not talkin' stats, O-M-G
Every boy, every girl, every child around the world
From the 90s up until today was made off me

Shut up, shut up, shut up
I'm talkin' to you
Shut up, bout my life
So just shut up, just shut up


R. Kelly Tear It Up

Tear It Up

R. Kelly

Featuring Future

Album Black Panties


[Intro: R. Kelly]
I hope it’s alright
Shorty, I’m gonna go hard tonight
I hope you’re ready, babe
I hope you’re ready cause

[Hook. R. Kelly]
I'mma, I'mma tear it up
I'mma, I'mma tear it up
I'mma, I'mma tear it up
I'mma, I'mma tear it up
[Verse 1: R. Kelly]
I'mma tear it up then I'mma chop screw it
Not gonna waste time, girl, let’s get to it
Lay your body down, got you feeling like you never
When I ask you what you want, you say do whatever
Baby, hands down, your sex feels so good
Staring in the mirror, checking out how that ass look
Up, up, up - down, down, down
Side, side, side - round, round, round
Ain’t nobody that can do it like you do it, baby girl


[Verse 2: Future]
Hit her in a back of a whip that cost a lot of money
Lemme see ya dance like ya scrip that costs a lot of money
I can make ya pretty cat squirt, keep it 10 hundred
We gonna have a sick cypher, chop you down like a rifle
Future Michael Jackson, Future Thriller
Future stone cold pussy killer
Take her to another planet
Never seen her in her panties
Body language real manish


[Verse 3: R. Kelly]
Glad your with it, won’t forget it, how I did it, girl
How I kiss it, how I lick it, how I stick it, girl
I won’t stop 'til you say ''Kelly no more''
Scream ''baby'' 'til they hear you outside the door
Baby, got your legs up and I’m all between your thighs
Poking that up while you looking back at me with those eyes
Thinking to myself as you coming down that pole
Have no idea what you in for when I get you home, shorty


[Verse 4: R. Kelly]
I'mma pull your back out, I'mma break the bed
I'mma hit it hard, babe, I'mma pull your hair

I'mma get down right freaky up in here
Kiss you anywhere you want, shorty, I don’t care
Do it in the closet, all over the floor
Up in your apartment, all out in the hall
Hit it from the back while I’m smoking my cigar
You can look out the window while I’m getting’ it in the car
I don’t give a damn where we are



R. Kelly Show Ya Pussy

Show Ya Pussy

R. Kelly

Featuring MigosJuicy J

Album Black Panties


[Verse 2: Quavo]
Little mama gonna show me the pussy
I am no rookie, I'm smoking on cookies
She see that my pockets is fatter than Snooki
I'm locking her up and no bullets will book me
She licking that molly like Sodium
She climb to the top off the pole, she rose
She dropped real fast; acrophobia

I'm addicted, I'mma need a dose of you
All this money coming down on you
Little mama you know what you supposed to do
You looking at me like I have a clue
Just take off your clothes like a fitting room

[Verse 3: Takeoff]
She shaking her ass and her titties
Do whatever you want for them Benjamins

Two bitches they popping that pussy
Buffy the body, big booty delicious
The way she keep breaking me pictures
She popping it, let that bitch hit my damn swisha (Yeah)
The OG gas bags presidential
Little mama, I pulled up in something presidential (Yeah)
I look like the president come with me
Cause of my private president residence, presidents
Can't wife her cause she be sucking and fucking
And looking and properly selling it, she dirty dancing


[Verse 4: Juicy J]
At the strip club they showing pussy
Hike that ass up and throw it to me
Little mama got the whole club lookin'
Ass thicker than a bowl of puddin’
Clap that, clap that
Bring it here, let me slap that

I’m lowkey in VIP
I’m getting head like a snapback
We hella deep in this club, got mo’ niggas than a cotton field
This the way that we ball out, thirty K in dollar bills
Damn, I make it happen; damn, I make it rain
Damn, I make it flood; damn, I make her drown
Take her to my place, pouring up the ace
Then I'mma paint her face like a clown
Fuck using cups, pour it in her mouth
I bet that chick she won’t leave a drop
I think a nigga pockets just got in a fight
All of these motherfucking knots
Juicy J when I killed that pussy, she don’t call the cops
Shawty such a dope bitch, got me watching out for the 'narcs