All I Had

All I Had"
Told you when I started all I had was a dollar
Tryna put the cheese with the bread, red lobster
I been getting money since you niggas was a toddler
Feeling crazy cause I mix the brown with the cha cha
I feel like it's baseball every time I want her
Hit a home run and she know that I'm a dodge her
Shout out all my dogs, all my day 1 partners
Can't go on the road cause they killers and they robbers
She say that I'm OG but she's just a groupie
Don't know nothing but the adding money with ciracha
Girl I'm 'bout to OD cause that pussy so clean
Tongue it how you want it, I'm a make that pussy slobber
Got it like a dope fiend, feeling like the old me
Make my meat cream like the noodles and the pasta
Yeah you know they chose me and I brought the homies
Cons right behind me like my name shotgun
Turn into a OG, smoking on the same thing
Shot the mic H, pussy, money never change me
Nigga you don't know me, you don't know a damn thing
Bullet BG, known to bullet like the hamstring
2020 vision, still Virginia nigga, can't see
How I made it this far fucking with the melodies
And the way I'm living man, swear a nigga can't see
How I snap a stripper in the world with no mini mes
Gang get to change yeah, still I see the tendencies
Strange how your friends turn right into the enemy
Ask them what they doing, you gon' hear a lot of finna bes
Meanwhile, I be outchea working like there's 10 of me
Grown off that XX, better for the sex act
Plus they say I'm angry when I be off that Hennessy
Say it with your chest, chest, niggas love to flex, flex
I could give a fuck if it ain't about a cheque, cheque
Then I gotta get me the next cheque, babysitter gotta be the best sex
Ds on a bitch, got a fresh set, squeeze on a bitch, made a mess, mess
I got the top so I know that's what she wanting from me
I dropped the top cause you know it's California sunny
There's nothing to it, I be stunting through it
They fronting through it, they washed up
I private ship, ride this big dick
And I pussy fuck around, chalked up
They got money, they got cars
But they not boss cause they not us
I had a niggas give my last to me
They still fuck around and got cut
Who says something? Who took something?
Who stole something? Who got us?
No nigga, you done heard wrong
This the wrong tunes to the wrong song
I don't know what's really going on
I don't really give a fuck about it
Shit them songs really been going on
Niggas would have hit me up about it
Told you when I started all I had was a dollar
Told you when I started all I had was a dollar