Gucci Mane Bird Flu

Bird Flu

Gucci Mane

Produced By Zaytoven

Album: Back to the Traphouse


[Hook: repeat 2X]
I got bird flu shawty, sellin bird's my business (yeah)
Catch that bird flu shawty, that's a terrible sickness (yeah)
I got bird flu shawty, in the summer it's Christmas (yeah)
Catch that bird flu shawty, nigga handle your business (it's Gucci!)

[Gucci Mane]
My chain got pneumonia and watch got the measles
Sellin like the Beatles and my jewelry game Skittles
Bird flu victim, your wife got sicker
See I ain't even trippin, cause I cain't even miss it
Gucci Mane lady, crazy karat Jakey
I'm livin like Baby, more soldiers than the Navy
It's Gucci Mane Laflare baby how 'bout that?
Make it rain on the stage leave yo' stage show wet
Sippin berry Moet, same hue my 'Vette
Gucci Mane how you? Shawty iced out too
It's Gucci!


[Gucci Mane]
Gucci done it, does it, charm Ruben Studdard
That's colored, covered, that's flooded, studded
Ring Lynard, Skynard, watch sherbert, pervert
Whip flagrantly fun, it's an Aston Martin
If you tricks didn't notice, watch me don't lose focus
Trap boys get bricks, athletes gets trophies
Gucci Mane get cake, it's my birthday party
Want a sweet sixteen? That's two times forty
Watch look like Diddy's, chain look like 50's
Gucci Mane fuck with me, shawty I move chickens
Shawty I do live it, wanna take ad lib it
I'm so hood with it, you hip-hop critic
It's Gucci