Gucci Mane Classical


Gucci Mane

Produced By Drumma Boy

Album: The State vs. Radric Davis


Ahhhhh Gucci, Gu-u-u-cci
Ahhhhh Gucci, Gucci ahh
Nothings going to stop my reign ahh ahh
Nothings going to stop my reign ahh ahh

[Verse 1]
Hurdle my opponents, run through problems
Unstoppable I jump over obstacles

Stop my grind like stop sunshine, so improbable
Probable mission impossible
I said it two times nigga, nigga stop lying
Bullshit you selling now I'm just not buying

Flow so nice but the kid's not kind
Swear its sicker than a new flu they got called swine
Standing on point like a unicorn
Strapped with a uni-bomb
Everday's a workday but don't wear uniform
Gucci Mane a dapper don
Trouble like a Capricorn
Trapper month going on a money makin marathon
You the Joker I be Robin
And the Riddle is the Batman's throne
Try not to fuck my money up and rap career like Pacman Jones
Thumb print me, finger print me
But can we agree to disagree
Im from east Atlanta 6 where the boys dump bricks
But we don't bump the blueprint 3
Wanna box me just like Max B
But you can't fuck me like Raz-B
Like Ali I'mma float like a butterfly sting like a bee cuz its big Gucci, Gucci

Streets de-railed me
But god didn't fail me

Opportunity knocked but it just emailed me
D.A nailed me, watch them jail me
Take it like a champ while the whole world mail me
Young don't like me, Jay out-sells me
Nothing in the world Kanye couldn't tell me
You can beat anyone but Gucci
Job so hard I can hardly do it
Cuz whatever that I heard use to let that
Bet if you had the chance to you'd mute me
Convicted felon my left wrist yelling
My stash here you go and my bones done swellin
Crazy so I need prozac really
My home kept skep n my folks so eary
So hardworkin that my bones still reary
Fall in the club then the hoes start cheerin
So hear me, hear me, I know y'all hear me
I don't like life to much not really
High like Britney,
 stoned like Jimmy
Got a second chance like Vick in Philly
This ain't snap music, this is trap music
New boyz in Cali yea they got a jerk movement

Bricksquad niggas we rep the block
Gucci mane I work forks n pots

[Hook] x2