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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gucci Mane Dollar Sign


I'm so fucking paid I just bought the dollar sign
I'm so fucking paid I just bought the dollar sign
I'm so fucking paid I just bought the dollar sign
I just bought the dollar sign
I just bought the dollar sign

[Verse 1]
Please man call Obama I wanna buy the dollar sign
Just like first day of school my swag killed em like Colombine
The dollar signs my logo and Gucci's my clothing line
Put on that purple label polo and them hoes say damn he fine
Should be able to keep her so I keep her
Feed her treat her like a diva
My fetish in Costa Rica cuz she know that I'm a cheater
What up the cost of living
I feel like a trillion bucks
Got beef with a million fuck niggas I dont give a fuck
Put your money where your mouth is on south beach where my house is
Any where on earth my turf but I'm so down south aligator couches
A public service announcement
Gucci so fucking paid pay two stacks just for a fade
Bitches surfing on my waves

[Verse 2]
By the bar and I own the club
Stand on the bar cuz I'm superstar
I'm so turned up can't turn me down
Blowing punds thats higher than Jupiter
I'm hot turning up Lucifer
At club crucial in a stupid car
Every verse my flow gets stupider
My producer dont want to produce for ya
Don't juice me up no need for it
My bank account on steroids
My stash ain't got no room for it
New drop head paid cash for it
Ferrari 220 on the dashboard
Long rich nigga wait here his crash course
I pull up to the club in a fast porche
When I leave all the hoes give a sad voice
Got bills to pay and things to do
New hoes to screw and business moves
I'mma business man whats the business plan
Used to rip it in the band for the extra grand
I'm successful man hell yes I am
Dead fresh I am bought an extra lamb
And I dont never ask how much it cost
Thats silly cuz I dont really give a damn


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