Gucci Mane Work Ya Wrist

Work Ya Wrist

Gucci Mane

Featuring Yo Gotti

Produced By Drumma Boy

Album: Chicken Talk


Yeeeeeeaah yeeeeeeeaaaaahh Gucci Mane and my patna Yo Gotti
Chicken Talk nigga

You want a benz like Gotti nigga work ya damn wrist
Ice like gucci nigga work ya damn wrist
You want a bad bitch? work ya damn wrist
You want a fresh feet? work ya damn wrist
Wanna drive Range Rover? work ya damn wrist
Rims on Ashanti's shawty work ya damn wrist
Serve all the junkies work ya damn wrist
Stay up with the zombies work ya damn wrist
[verse 1: Gucci Mane]
Gucci mane la flare cookin' nines in 4 ways
Smell like coke when you pull it on the drive way
He ran out with 9 mane trust'em no way
But when i see the pussy man is gon' be a gunplay
I put it on the pot and i cut it on the water
I woulda sell it around and bought me a Charger
A waffle house chef man i got 8 orders
I got no passport i see no borders
I'm big ball shawty i won't shout ya
But if you shout me i might just Glock four ya
155 homes i don't doubt ya
But hit the Glock 40 let me get that out ya
If shawty got a deal why his eyes so blurry?
Who in the hell make this boy jewelry?
20000 bail in Louis Missouri
As soon as i touchdown pay me my money


[verse 2: yo gotti]
You wanna rock a nigga ice?
Live a nigga a life?
Fuck my babymomma turn that bitch to your wife?
Well first you need some white
Then you need a kitchen
Next you need a watch that bitch gon' have to be glisslin'
65000 for my rolex presidential
A bird and a half for my Paul Wall dentals
You know i'm up the summer
You see me in the rental
Got bricks in the gas tank pounds in the fender
At least 55 for use one owner
The S550 brand new from Arizona
Gucci called chicken talkin'
So that's what it is mane
Wanna live like gotti you need to step up your wrist game