Gucci mane weirdo


Weirdo, weirdo, I'm a weirdo
Weirdo, weirdo, I'm a weirdo

Killed the pussy, killed the bitch
Turned into a weirdo
Mr. Zone 6
Half a million dollar ear lobes
Weirdo, weirdo, I'm a weirdo
Weirdo, weirdo, I'm a weirdo
Gucci Mane, Drumma Boy
This here for the weirdos
Had it like a bag a dro
Flowing like a weirdo

[Verse 1]
Shawty mad, mad for what
Man, 'cuz she can't get enough
Tough luck
Digging Gucci Mane and he don't give a fuck
Throw it up, pick it up
Uh, she's a material girl
You ain't got enough
It's a weird, weird
And she asking weird questions
Why yo engine in the rear
Switching gears then I'm outta here
Your boyfriend's so last year
Let's have breakfast on the moon
Let's have dinner on Uranus
I got Venus on my penis
And Serena wrapped 'round my fingers

Lil' mama wet as Aquafina
Send them hoes like Angelina
I like 'em black
I like 'em yellow
I like 'em red
I like to meet her

I'm wishing up something just like The Beatles
My buzz spread just like the measles
Black and white, tuck sealed I gamble like Bugsy Siegel

[Verse 2]
You cock-sucking mosquio
I own the queroseno
My girl's got on them see-through
Short skirts and Perico
I'm Gucci Tarantino
My shooters are bilingual
That's tall as Valentino
Throw bombs like Dan Marino
I'm gambling with her at the Bellagio
I'm up forty up at the Casino
I just missed Sasha from Moscow
She say she love my single
Then she bought all of my ringtones
So I said "pleasure to meet you"
And I ain't gotta talk her ear off
The freaks was willing, no need to

Women look at me and see what they don't see in you
And I see it too
Georgia Tech raw with the yellow feet
It's a photo-shoot baby so say "cheese"
Throw money high, don't care where it reach
It's offending you then it's offending me
Feeling you, you offending me
My earrings cost like half a chain


[Verse 3]
Mad at me suddenly blaming me, it wasn't me
Thinking his girl stunting me
She's not really stunting me
I ain't really slutting her
Grammar so screet Campbellton, East Atlanta
Pull up in that yellow thang
I put rims on everythang
Pull up like dranks on me
Black with the Georgie Tech yellow painted
40,000 on the feet
Gucci, Drumma Boy and we so unique
Earrring cost like a quarter a piece
That's half a mill each