Andy Grammar Slow

[Verse 1]
A charcoal heart that you can't ignore
Cuz you've been burned before
You tell me everything that's good will end
You were building castles in the air
But they fell to the ground, there was nothing there
You said you'll never get so close again
And lately
It's yellow lights and you're breaking
Say you just wanna wait and
See it all unfold
But baby
When you find what you're seeking
Something you can believe in
You just gotta go
So let's not take is slow
Let's not take it slow
I don't wanna take it slow
Let's not take it slow
[Verse 2]
I don't wanna rush your love
But I can never get get enough
I'm sitting outside your door
I'll give you everything you need
Sunshine, the world and all your dreams
So what are we waiting for?
BUT lately...
Waiting for
The perfect storm
We've been slowly chasing love
But now it's time
To cross the line
And I want more
BUT lately...