Gucci Mane Medication


Gucci Mane


Girl say she love me, but I don't really love ya baby
I don't really love ya, baby
I don't really have the patience
Niggas say swagged out, but I don't really see the flavor
He don't really got no paper
You know that dat boy a hater
(It's Guwop)
Turnin' corners in the Jag, make a nigga look crazy
My Blood niggas screamin' 'Brazy!'
Shawdy got that head, amazing
Gucci Mane La Flare, got a pint of that medication
I'm smokin', but I'm on probation
I'm sleepin', I'm in hibernation
I'm 'bout to fly to Belgium, because I need a vacation
Me and your bitch, we had relations
I fucked that bitch at central station
Sippin' on mud, in a crowded ass club
With a bitch I don't know, and a nigga don't like
If I'm a bitch nigga, then call me out
If my bond 1Mil, Waka get me out
Me n Dolph on my damn loft
Sippin' cough syrup, no damn cough
Servin' bricks, I never ran down
But I'll kill a lil nigga if he ran off
Smokin' on a blunt of that medicated
Baby daddy say he devastated
Police pulled over my Bentley, baby
Whole pound of gas got confiscated
Sippin' on mud, it's concentrated
My whole life story been complicated
Your baby mama infatuated
And your new girlfriend is fascinated
Lortab, mixed it with a Roxy
Cialis pill, with a Molly
2013 and we still poppin' ex pills, then we act just as country
All my drugs are designer drugs
My drugs cost a whole lotta money
All my clothes are designer clothes
They come from a whole 'nother country

People say I'm crazy, I might need some medication
Windows really smoky, from the medication
Sixteen ounces of that medication
Drinkin' on some Sprite, mixed with medication
Gone of that medication
I'm gone off that medication
I'm smokin' on that medication
I'm drinkin' on that medication