Sleep With My Pistol

Gucci Mane


[Verse 1]
I'm smokin' gas in my Mulsanne, I got a B on the ashtray
Gucci Mane La Flare and I get money the fast way
I used to have a plug but I robbed him
If he a country boy, you know I overcharge them
I'm on my 6th cup of lean, ain't even 12 o'clock
Katrina water diamonds, I flooded my Rollie watch
Your [?], yeah she seen me and said, "Oh my God"
They know my house, it look like Heaven with the trap god
I'm so ambitious, had a vision at Econo Lodge
Your diamonds [?] chain never robbed
I think I'm Pablo playin' [?]
I'm in the Bay like 2 Chainz, play me, I'ma off the Glock

I sleep with my pistol, eat with my pistol
Wake up in the morning, brush my teeth with my pistol

I know you're jealous cause I fucked your freak with my pistol
Got [?] all the time, nigga don't reach for that pistol
[Verse 2]
Keep a pistol on person, call up Brick Squad when you meet me
And when you leave me, stop reachin' cause if you reach then I'm teachin'
I'm tryna hit you everywhere, bitch, but under your sneakers
It's 20K for a feature, pull up your spot with street sweepers
Give me a reason to kill you, I'll kill you, all of your people
They think I'm Steven Seagal cause I come back with the sequel
Man this two nights in a row I got a [?]
I tote this strap like illegal, make you strip like [?]