Logan Paul Featuring Why Don't we The Fall of Jake Paul #secondverse

The Fall of Jake Paul

Logan Paul



[Intro: Logan Paul]
Hey Jake
I made one phone call
I got the same house as you
And the same cars, too
It's really not that hard

Oh hey, by the way, welcome to the top little brother
Feels good, huh?
But let's not forget how you got here
Yah, yeet

[Verse 1: Logan Paul]
Little brother Jakey
Try to roast me? (what?)

Little brother standing
On his own two feet? (not for long)
I'm a dog, you're a puppy
Call you Kong

Let's talk about your garbage
That you call a song

It should be every other day
Just some strong advice

I made you famous once
It's about to happen twice
Yeah, you on Disney
But who helped you read all your lines (That's me)

Don't forget boy
You were my shadow on Vine
Now you got a few subscribers
And you think that you're the shit
I'll admit, you got money
You got bars, you got chicks but you're a dick
You ain't thankful for your fans
It's kinda funny
Do your investors know
Team 10 ain't making any money?
See, it starts with the talent
But it's hard when you got none
I think you kinda salty
'Cause I'm the favorite son
I'm a maverick, you're a sidekick
Yeah I brought you to LA

If there's one thing you should know
You don't fuck with the Logang

[Daniel & Jack]
Hold up, I'ma throw up
Looking at your face you don't know what it means to glow up
Trying to dance and acting class
It's doing nothing now you try to rap (come on, hold up)

[Corbyn & Zach & Jonah]
Catch the flow, you can't, oh no
Maybe Team 10's got it, I mean, that's how you grow
But you still can't sell out any shows
No, you still can't find some matching clothes

[Logan Paul]
Yah, yeet

[Pre-Bridge: Why Don't We & Logan Paul]
You're just killing the vibe, yeah (fact)
You ain't doing it right, yeah (double fact)
Trying to play ball with the dogs
You don't know what you've done you just ruined your life, yeah
You're just killing the vibe, yeah
You ain't doing it right, yeah
Trying to play ball with the dogs
You don't know what you've done you just ruined your life, yeah

[Bridge: Logan Paul]
What happened, Jake?
Man, we used to love each other
After all, we came from the same mother
Biologically, you know that makes us brothers
So much negativity, it really makes me wonder
I feel like you just need a maverick shirt (Link in description!)
When you insult me Jakey, it really hurts
Sometimes I wish my real brother was Dirk (Disney)
But now I gotta go and put you in the dirt

[Interlude: Logan Paul]
Yo, wait, hold up
Hold up, why'd music stop?

[Verse 2: Logan Paul]
Uh oh, that's Alissa Violet
Used to be your chick
Now she in the Logang and
You know she on my... team
Those cars ain't yours man
That shit was just floated

Gun tattooed on your leg
'Cause she knew you weren't loaded

I act in movies that your fans
Watch with their babysitters

I thought you were my boy
Guess I have a baby sister (yeet)

You're tryna be a model
Shoulda kept Neels Visser (haha)

Go make another video
'Bout who's the better kisser

Is it called Team 10 because
You take 10% of your friends? (That's fucked up Jake)

When the contract dies
So does their career, it ends
 (Uh, that's also a fact)
Are you mad because
You couldn't sign the Dolans? (they're smarter than you)
So, you had to replace them
With some Spanish twins? (haha, weak)

It's everyday bro
Do you give up a night?
We 24/7 man
You picked the wrong fight

I'm a savage, you are average
I’m a beast, I’m going wild
This song will be the death of you
About to be an only child